This blog was created for the requirement of, actually, a personal diary to collect my ideas and interests in a rather tidy form. However, I’ve always been too spontaneous to write regularly on a diary and the necessity to do it in a discipline suffocates me a lot. I found the solution in technology and began to record them as Word files, Facebook comments, Twitter floods and etc. In the end, losing the trace of these records in the turmoil of such social media seemed a waste of precious ideas, thus, I felt like I should stop fiddling around and spend some effort to carve out a presentable, fine-looking space as my personal storage. I’m a native Turkish speaker and an English learner, which means you may find numerous grammar mistakes in the articles written in English. Also, since these all are just subjective views, not general agreements, on different topics, I cannot guarantee you that you’ll not see contrary ideas elsewhere. What I can assure you, however, that I shall always be loyal to credibility, coherence and evidence. I won’t stand on dogmas, prejudices or rumours, if available, I’ll keep sharing sources with the rest of articles, either. I can’t promise to maintain a steady schedule of publishing but I promise to stay sincere and communicative.

I would be very thankful if you may have shared your opinions for further improvements and please never hesitate to discuss and criticise in comments section right below the articles.