A Brief Reply for a Question in My Message Box from a Conservative American

Why do Muslims keep coming to the US if they hate Western modernity, Jesus, freedom of speech, alcohol, bikinis, pork and dogs, dude?

Here’s my open reply, “dude” :

  1. You apparently have no idea about any other Muslim-majority country than a few Arabian Wahhabist/Salafist countries. Do you think, to say, Albanian Muslims or Kazakh Muslims think on that way? Does all Americans live the same way with Roman Catholics in heights of Italian mountain ranges? Silly.
  2. Freedom of speech is a constitutional right in many Muslim-majority countries. It was much more secured in a non-ancient past. Muslims NEVER hate Jesus, Jesus (Isa) is an Islamic prophet, even a minor insult is serious sin in Muslim faith. Muslim don’t hate dogs, traditionally hatred for any animal is also a sin. There’re Muslim-majority countries has better culture of alcoholic drinks than that of America, which I think I live in one. Also, as Islam proclaims drinking forbidden, Christianity requires attendance for Sunday prayers, too. Do you people all attend them? No. Similarly, some Muslims DO drink sometimes. Frequently or rarely, people sin. It’s not that hard to get. Nobody can be that idiot.
  3. Do I even need to mention bikinis? Don’t you ever think on how come some of the best holiday resorts happen to be in Muslim-majority countries? Do all Christian people dress according to Biblical dress code? Are you aware of what Holy Book says about obscenity or modesty? Millions of Muslim women dress nothing different than those swimsuits worn up at Long Beach.
  4. Jews don’t consume pork, too. At least, religious ones. Do you want them to be out, either? Or Hindus? They don’t consume bovine meat. Some Buddhists literally consume no animal species at all. Why is it even a matter of debate?
  5. As it’s obvious that you have zero information on Muslim-majority countries other than what right-leaned anchormen used as Republican propaganda, why do you keep opinions on such complicated social issues? I mean, I live in a Muslim-majority country as an atheist adult grown-up in a perfectly secular family atmosphere and I, even, don’t be such sentimental to all this community. How do you succeed to be that ignorant and yet cocky at the same time?